Protocol for a proper slave’s call to me on Niteflirt

Protocol for a call.


If this is a call on my Niteflirt line only:


You will prepare in advance at all times before you call me .

If we have made arrangements in advance for a day and time for you to call, you MUST comply. If you have extenuating circumstances you will notify me by Niteflirt email.

You will remove all distractions and be sure we are going to be uninterrupted for the expected duration.

You will be sure your Niteflirt account is topped off so we will not have to stop while you add more $$

You will strip naked and put on your collar. It is essential that you use these physical cues to anchor your submissive experience into both your conscious thoughts AND your subconscious patterns. Going forward we will adjust gear in accordance with the description of our play time ( for instance if you are into feminization I will always have you wearing nylons and panties when you call.) Your mind will begin to form associations. Just holding your slave collar and preparing to put it on will rivet your intention to the expectation of the “sub space” ahead. Imagine yourself kneeling before your Mistress as she buckles you into your collar herself . Imagine the significance…. it is a symbol of devotion, dedication, obedience, ownership! Hold the collar in both hands, bring it to your lips , kiss it, say aloud “I belong to Mistress”. Then feel the leather encircle your neck, enjoy the sound of the fastener snapping or buckling into place. Feel how this one small act completes you, gives you purpose and reason! Anyone who could see the collar would immediately KNOW that you are owned, you are property, you are an object to be used by Mistress as it suits her whim. The collar has one or more metal loops to which Mistress’ leash will be fastened. Mistress will of course use this to keep you where she pleases. She will give it a smart tug to make a point or bring you to attention if she sees you slacking. Even if for now the leash is only in our imagination the virtual leash can be even more powerful than an actual chain-lead. Slave and Mistress are at a distance so many aspects of our interaction will be “virtual”, but think of it this way: a physical collar may be removed simply and put away in a drawer but a “virtual” collar imbued in your spirit NEVER comes off.


If your call is going to simultaneously be a Niteflirt call AND a Skype call:


Talking on the phone is passable but you will find in the long run if we are going to communicate on a regular basis, we should run a Skype call simultaneously with our open line on Niteflirt. That way Niteflirt makes its commission and I am in accordance with their Terms of Service. The reasons for the Skype call include


  • My ability to instantly send you links to various articles or photos online that will be informative and stimulating to us both.


  • The ability for both of us to wear a wireless headset… you will be amazed at the sound quality! This way I can hear every word you say ( how annoying is it to have to tell you to REPEAT) and I can also hear your whispers, your whimpers and your breathing (all important cues to my narrative!) If you intend to use Skype you must invest in a decent wireless headset such as this:
  • plantronics headsetThis is the one I use. There is no echo then, from my voice coming over your PC speakers and you are not tethered to your PC. You will LOVE the improvement of the sound of my voice!


  • The ability for you to display yourself to me on Skype cam. This will guarantee that you are following my instructions and will allow me to keep a firm grip on control of our sessions. If you are worried about anonymity you may shoot from the neck down or wear a mask or hood. We can discuss this in depth if needed. FYI Mistress never gets on cam.


Remember you are always expected to answer respectfully using Ma’am , Mistress, or Goddess. If you decline a request the reasons must be explained. Remember reasons are allowable, EXCUSES ARE NOT.


So your next assignment is to get a wireless headset and send me your Skype ID. It is advisable to establish a new Skype account if you already have lots of contacts so you will not be disturbed while we are interacting.




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