A prospective slave’s questionnaire. Which will it be? Simply role play or???

You do realize that there is play slavery and there is real slavery.

Before we get into this too deeply I do want to know which interests you?


And so we begin!

Step over the line if you are serious!

If not we will just pretend.


I need the basics to begin with.



Sexual Orientation

Relationship or Marriage status

Employed, Self-employed, Retired, Other?



Even if you have experienced BDSM in person, when you sign on with a new

Mistress even online,you are very vulnerable. For both of our sakes I want you

to answer yes or no to each of the following or make some comment about a given category.




body worship


fetish shoes nylons corsets


schedule control

dietary control

wardrobe control

reporting in daily

involving Mistress in decisions about major purchases

masturbation control

sex with wife, girlfriend, or significant other control

edginess and risks

voluntary tributes or discussion of coerced payments via blackmail

are you willing to be on Skype cam for Mistress?

hint of cross dressing in public ( panties under your male clothing or wear a pink shirt)

cock cage enforced chastity

edginess and risks


do add anything else here that you are interested in or expect



At the minimum I will require the following:

You to wear a collar and be naked when you phone me.

You will perform online research tasks for me as I am working on goodies, blog and other writing projects.

If you come up with inspirations for blog posts or goodies I would be delighted.






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