Feeling Naughty?

lavendarlashavHello! are you feeling extra naughty today?

In case this is your first visit to my blog I am a natural lifestyle dominant, have been so my whole life and I just ADORE sweet submissive males! Do you consider yourself submissive? Do you love it when a woman takes charge? mmmm I get so very excited just thinking about calling all the shots, making all the moves!

Do tell me what is your favorite fantasy about a dominant woman! Do you seek out women in charge in real life or is this just a deep dark secret in your fantasy life? You know it always surprises me that men who are powerful and very accomplished in their professional lives do passionately crave to be taken over and commanded by a dominant female. Or is it the opposite? Are you someone who is just too shy for words? Do you long to have a female take total charge and lead the way with every step? Oh darling, I do understand!
I will be delighted to take our conversations in whatever direction pleases you most ,but my specialties are
1) encouraging my beautiful boys who enjoy dressing in sensuous female clothing to strut their stuff for me!
2 ) remote domination… monitoring and scheduling your life in a way that you can feel my commands taking over your days and
3) financial domination… you can read between the lines here, darling … you KNOW exactly what I mean! Feel my velvet-gloved fingers slipping into your wallet!For those who establish a regular visits with me, I do encourage you showing me your self on cam in skype. I do not get on cam myself, but I find viewing my submissives on cam encourages obedience and enhances enjoyment.  The skype session must be simultaneous with a NiteFlirt call. I would ADORE to see you in heels and nylons or watch you paddle yourself while I count the strokes or better still watch you cum just for ME!!!!


I am also toying with themes for little scenarios for voice recordings called “Goodies” that will be for sale on my Nite Flirt page. So keep checking back!


My NiteFlirt listings …. call me!





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